Who wears a mask?


Why do we need to wear socks?

We require all our guests to wear socks for safety and hygienic purposes. We have socks for purchase in case you forget! 

Frequently Asked...

What's the temperature check about?

we want to make sure every guest coming in is not sick so we take a infrared temperature reading on everyone. Readings 100.3 will be asked to come back another time for play!

Do you sell drinks or snacks?

There is a small cafe serving packaged snacks, coffee, tea and other small bites for you and your children!

What if my child(ren) are under 8 months old?

There is no charge for child(ren) under 8 months old! 

Will you open on holidays?

We are opened every holiday! We may close early though so follow us through our social media for updates!

Do you offer drop off services?

We currently do not but follow us to hear about special events!

Do you do birthday parties?

We love birthdays and we love parties! You can read under our party package selection or contact us for customized packages!

Is there parking?

There is a shopper's parking lot with metered parking available. 

Are you a nut free facility?

We are generally nut free but cannot guarantee our guests won't bring nut free products in. 

Do I need to sign the waiver?

Is there stroller parking?

We have a dedicated area for strollers! It may get crowded so try to bring collapsible ones if possible!

For insurance purposes, every parent must sign for open play; there is no exceptions. Birthday party hosts must have the parents sign the waiver as well.