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About Us

The Children's Social Club is a modern play space created for children 9 months to 5 years old. We strive to provide a safe and fun environment for children to play and grow and for parents to hang out and relax. 



  • Massive Ball Pit with inflatables and balls galore! 

  • CedarWorks Play Set

  • Infant section with Soft Play Ball Pit, climbing blocks and infant play toys.

  • Play Kitchen with too much play food.

  • Grand size doll house that you will want to live in.

  • Larger than life train table that works better than the NYC Subway.

  • Mercedes Benz play cars we wish we had at their age.

  • Creative Corner for Quiet and Calming Play (every parent wants calming play).

  • Mini library and reading nook.

  • Stroller Parking that has more spots than the parking lot outside.

  • Classy lounge style seating for coffee and tea lovers to sip and chill.

  • Open eating area for parents and children to feast. 

  • Air Cleaning Plants to promote oxygen and relaxation, or at least try.

  • Cafe to serve snacks and drinks for all ages. 

  • 2 mini sinks to wash little precious hands.

  • TV section that can be converted into a mini movie theatre. 

It's made for the love of children and the sanity of parents. 


Come in, visit us and let's get social!

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